“I have to say that I always LOVE when Enid is here spreading her knowledge and passion. Sitting in the session today and reflecting back on what we learned already… I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
- Mary Diaz, Family Service Assistant for Kitayama & Pioneer
Elementary School in Union City, CA

In the summer of 2001, Enidlee Consultants participated in an Equity Institute at The Walker Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Lee worked with 54 educators who came from 13 sites across the United States and Canada to examine what it means to “put race on the table” in all aspects of their work. Here’s what they said about their experience:

“I have a renewed commitment to finding ways to support my colleagues and kids of color. We need affinity groups.”

“Now I have a better understanding of why it’s so important to embed anti-bias pedagogy into our efforts to close the gap.”

“I will start to look at my curriculum through an anti-racist lens.”

“It is amazing how in the grand scheme of life, four days is a rather insignificant amount of time. And yet, what you do in those four days, along with who you do it with can be life changing.”

“I know I need to do more homework so that I can incorporate historical references in my teaching and be more explicit and proactive in my discussions with children.”

“Wow. I’ll definitely be less quick to dismiss statements people make about racism.”

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