DRAFT: Building and Using a Hidden Assets Inventory Tool

Politically and historically our society has been organized and continues to be reorganized around systems that have elevated some and devalued others on the basis of race, gender, class, etc.

This means we need to uncover the assets of those who have been devalued by social systems. We uncover these assets by getting to know our students in the fullness of their humanity and using all that they are, have, care about, and can do to help us teach them well.

The hidden assets inventory tool can hep us do this by providing a springboard for making the academic world relevant to student's lives thorough:

  • Real world examples for illustrating concepts 
  • Ideas on how to engage students in new areas of learning
  • Sources of transferable skills and knowledge from out-of school activities to in-school activities
  • Sources of motivation and inspiration

Download a sneak peak of the Hidden Assets Inventory Tool below.

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