Enid Lee

Enid Lee Director of Enidlee Consultants Inc

Enid Lee
Director of Enidlee Consultants Inc

Enid Lee began her career as a classroom teacher 35 years ago. Today she is an accomplished "front line teacher," teacher educator, researcher, writer, consultant, facilitator and speaker. She has taught in the Caribbean, Canada and the USA and has been involved in the professional development of teachers for two decades. She consults internationally on anti-racist, inclusionary and equitable education.

Through her consulting firm, Enid assists urban schools districts and individual schools to continuously restructure themselves for equitable outcomes for all students. She has pioneered the equity-centered initiative, Putting Race On The Table, which is designed to help teachers and administrators develop the skills, knowledge and will to create and maintain equity-centered classrooms. She facilitates an international network of schools enabling educators to share strategies for addressing questions of language, race, culture and class in education and for ensuring that teaching and learning are characterized by academic rigor and readiness for social justice action.

Enid Lee is the author of over 30 publications. They include Letters to Marcia: A teacher's guide to Anti-racist education, the docudramas, "Quick to Judge" and "Food for Thought" from the television series, Many Voices, and Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practical Guides to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development.

Her current area of research is professional development and anti-racist school leadership. She has served on numerous boards and commissions concerned with education, immigration and employment and has been an advisor to leaders in education, social services and cultural and arts organizations on equity issues. She is currently a Visiting Scholar with Teaching for Change in Washington, D.C. and formerly held the same position at the New Teacher Center, University of California at Santa Cruz.

Enid Lee has been the recipient of several awards for her ground-breaking work in anti-racist education and community-building among Black communities and immigrant parents. She recently received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from one of Canada's oldest universities for her contribution to the development of anti-racist education in that country.